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DUO Broadband delivers advanced fiber optic technology with local dependability and responsibility. For more than 65 years we have served our customers with reliable telecom services, and today we are the region's only provider of light-speed fiber optic Broadband Internet to homes and businesses.

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YOUDUO - You're in Control!

The free YOUDUO Smartphone App from DUO Broadband connects to your GigaSpire BLAST router and puts you in control of your WiFi Internet network with easy-to-use tools.

Just download, register, plug in, scan, and set up. You’ll see how easy it is. And you can always contact DUO Broadband support if you have any questions.

  • Setup Parental Controls with Time Limits!
  • Create Guest Networks!
  • Monitor Network Usage!
  • Perform Bandwidth Speed Tests!